Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The rules of the GAME!

I just realized, I had not mentioned the rules of the GAME:

  • If you know the rules, you are playing the Game
  • You can never win the Game
  • If you think about the Game, you loose the Game
  • You cannot loose the game more than once every 30 mins (the grace period)

Now there is also the EMAG. This has the following rules:

  • You can never loose the EMAG
  • If you think of the EMAG, while not in grace, you win the EMAG
  • If you have lost the Game, you cannot win the EMAG for the next 30 mins
  • If you have won the EMAG, you cannot loose the Game, nor win the EMAG for the next 30 mins
Warning: playing this game may cause insanity!


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